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Pilgrim of the Sun
Autor artykułu: Baird
Post Pilgrim of the Sun

It's age of war, everywhere in the world great armies clash in
numerous battles. Some of them happen in Old World, home to many human
kingdoms, most powerful among them is Holy Sigmar Empire with it great army
of musketeers, supported by wise and powerful magisters of elements, which
are able to erase whole villages with single spell. Other notable power is
great kingdom of Bretonnia, ruled by brave King, called by his people Lion
Heart, leader of famous grail knights, virtue and honorable warriors with
chivalric code, that is an example for nobles in matter of look, act, and fight.
There are other smaller kingdoms, like Kislev in the north whitch is ruled by
Ice Queen, she makes every effort to save her land from attacks of the
northern tribes, her kingdom is on the first line of chaos invasion. Tilea in the
South and Estalia on western part of the continent are lands filled with city-
states each ruled by Merchant Princes who are fighting between each other,
but also with outside threats. All this human kingdoms are systematically
attacked by hordes of chaos warriors from north. Six foot tall, over a hundred
kilos of weight, their skin united with their armor.
They don't need food,
they don't need sleep,
only thing they need,
is to kill in the name
of their dark gods.
Other threat are wild
and savage Orcs and
Goblins, coming from
the Badlands and
marching through the
land devastating and
killing everything on
their way. Violence is
their way of life, so if
they don't have anyone
to fight, they fight each
other, that's why their
leaders are example or
pure strength, filled with
hatred and anger. There
are also goat like creatures
with body of a man, the
Beastmans. They scout
deep, dark forests and
wait for a good time to
attack. Lucky man who
will die by their hand,
prisoners awaits dark fate
of sacrifice to the Ruinous Powers.

The old enemies will rise and march on human cities, soon the old war will start anew.
It's the age of broken oaths and shattered shields, age of the darkness and end of times.
This is the age of Warhammer.


It was warm morning and so, stench of fishes had blown from the harbor right into town. Prospero Ardiente, young man of age seventeen, run down the main road in direction of Remas harbor. Prospero was strong build, very tall gentleman with raven black, short cut hair. He was rather handsome with dark, brown eyes, typical reman nose and smooth shaven face, like most boys in his age. Beard was considered as a symbol of bravery or intelligence in city of Remas, so his smooth shaven face was in some way a sign of his status as an minor, not adult. Prospero wore blue robe with red ornaments, colors of his family, underneath, causal and elegant clothing made from cotton. White cotton shirt tied at the chest. On top of it cotton blue vest. He also had wide blue pants with red stripes. Prospero had on his neck hanging gold medallion with symbol of Myrmidia. Myrmidia is a goddess of honor, beauty and civilization, commonly respected in whole Old World, reason why Prospero decided to wear this symbol were his own.
As he run, boy was hoping to see his friend as soon as possible, mostly because last time they seen each other was almost year ago. However, small part of Prospero, very tiny bit of him, was eager to see how rare and exotic gifts he will receive this time from his no less exotic friend. Last year young Ardiente received a blade. Elven sword was a masterpiece, made from very rare metal, forged only on Ulthuan, sword was incredibly durable yet flexible. Handle was lined with gold and silver. Blade itself was silver with single golden strip going through the middle of it. Sword was well balanced so it let fighter to use fast swings that could easily defeat any enemy. Ardiente always had this blade at his side, pinned to his belt, he trained with it whenever he didn't had to help his family with work.
Prospero get so close to the harbor he saw the masts of the ships docked there, they looked like big forest of trees surrounded by white clouds. The huge circular harbor of Remas was built, by the High Elves as their trading port for their collosal ships. Now, even though it was ruined and gigantic chunks of stones layed half submerged in the water, it still sheltered the large and powerful fleet of Remas. The narrow entrance to the harbor was spanned by a mighty bridge resting on great stone piers. This bridge not only carried the road linking the two sides of the city, but beared the weight of many fine houses and palaces of the Merchant Princes on both sides of the street. These houses rise up in three, four and five store’s with overhanging balconies. There are towers at either end and in the middle of the bridge, some of them are leaning at gravity-defying angles, supported by numerous colossal buttresses. Even though he lived in this town all his life, Prospero was always overwhelmed by beauty of this part of town. Boy ran through wooden platform floating on slow waters. At the end of the dock 34, in local language signed as XXXIV, moored very distinctive ship with very exotic silhouette. Ship had only two long masts and one shorter at the end of the boat. All three sails had, different than in most of the Old Worlders ships, triangular shape. Ardiente went through footbridge, and after a moment he was on board of Arabian ship. He went straight to the poop deck, hee knew his way, there he was awaited by captain of Desert Jewel, Ibrahim Al -Musaf.
Captain Al-Musaf was tall and strong build man with big, curly, black beard, briefly cut hair and hazel eyes. Ibrahim went to greet his young friend.
'As-salamu alaika, my dear Prospero.' Next he hug young boy.
'Wa alaika salam, capitano.' Ardiente answered.
'I have good news for you.' Ibrahim continued with strong Arabian accent after releasing boy from his grasp. 'I found very rare dactyls at the market of Copher, you should get for them small fortune, but I personally.' He paused for a moment.' I would give them to some attractive young lady.' Ibrahim laugh out loud as Prospero face blushed when he heard it.
'Grazie capitano. I sure will.' Prospero hided small sack with Arabian raisins. 'Any who. I hope that except palm grapes you have our shipment.'
'Of course, sabi!' Ibrahim yelled, but very quickly lowered his voice, realizing even, that Prospero was young man, he was in someway his employer. 'My lads had unloaded it, it is already safe at warehouse.'
For moment they stood silently, finally Ardiente spoke out.
'How was your travel capitano?' Prospero asked, unsure how to start conversation.
'Things had been good.' Captain put his hand on Prospero arm and lead him to main deck. 'I cannot whine. Wine I drank was good, wind was almost always at my back and clean whores in each port we visited made my happy. Yes sabi, I’ve been good. But how was you?' Ibrahim walked with Prospero off the ship. 'How you been?'
Prospero didn't wanted to lie, so he replied like always when asked. 'Also good capitano.'
'If you say so.' Ibrahim didn't pressed on this matter deeper, he felt that Prospero didn't wanted to talk about it at this time.
Both, young Prosper and captain Al-Musaf left the harbor and headed to warehouse district. Huge buildings without windows stood in the rows along the wide alleys. Harbor workers had been carrying crates and barrels off the ships to the warehouses, and after a day, back onto a ships. Unless shipment was sent to Remas, than, after day in wait, crates could been moved into town, to market, private estate or other warehouse. All this complicated process was really a gold laying goose. Captain of a ship had to pay off harbor workers to carry the shipment, he also had to pay off the thieves guild to make sure his shipment would return to the ship in one piece. While waiting in harbor, there also had to be paid a tax for ship. There was really huge number of weird taxes to pay, but most paid. Unless you used to be old pirate, like Captain Al-Musaf, than you had your friends like Remus Ardiente to pay them for you, and you just had to care about the pirates trying to rob you, also if you had your man to do the work, you didn't had to pay workers for transport.
There at warehouse number 34, Prospero checked the shipment, hundreds of meters of high quality silk, one of the most luxury items in whole world, each bale worth few hundred florins. Captain Al-Musaf brought entire cargo hold of this material, few dozen crates, each with a symbol of different Arabian trading guild, some of them with symbol of a green dragon, emblem of the very powerful empire at the east, far behind world edge mountains, where silk was produced first, and it masters knew secret to manufacture best quality cloth.
'I hope captain, that you are not leaving us too soon.' Prospero started small talk when they headed to inn, that always was visited by captain when he was arriving with shipment for Ardiente family.
'Aye. Unfortunately I have to wait till my ship is repaired, it's nothing serious, but we had small encounter with those bloody pirates on the way here and lower decks takes water.'
'In that case, I want to invite you to our estate, captaino.'
'That's very kind of you boy, I will be honored, but i don't want to abuse your hospitality.'
'That's not a problem at all. Please be my guest in my fathers house.'
'If you wish so.' Captain paused and thought for a moment. 'Damn me! I would be fool to not accept hot meal and clean sheets over this stinky inn. Lead the way young master Ardiente.' Al-Musaf answered happily and together they headed to Palazzo Di Ardiente.

Next day was warm and sunny, moist and hot air made breathing hard. Prospero went down the stairs to meet his father in the library. Big room in the western wing of Palazzo di Ardiente had all walls covered in book shelves made from best quality hard wood. Many kinds of wood like ebony and mahogany were shipped to Remas by Prosperos grandfather from Araby, and this library was central point of the house build by grandfather. Each book shelve was filled with carefully picked and collected, hard cover, handmade books over the decades. Remus Ardiente was looking very much like his son, even though he was all foot shorter, everyone used to say that they both look alike, but Prospero couldn’t see similarity.
'Saluti padre.' He said.
'Good morning my son, how are you doing today?'
'Very well father, mother said you wanted to see me.'
'Si, I'm very pleased how you handled our yesterday trade, but today you have more important thing to do. I want you to take ten paces of green silk to Castello Di Garazzi, our servants have prepared them already.'
Head of Garazzia family was Lorenzo, powerful merchant prince and leader of Remas trading guild who, among other thirty two members of the guild, he held control over trade all over Remas region, both, by sea and land. Merchants Guild were formed by the elite families in whole Tilea, each group controlling bigger city of the region, with few exceptions like Luccini, which had it King. Trading guilds are responsible for all sorts of taxes, from which they gain profit, this taxes are not easily accepted or liked by lower classes of society. This was one of the main reasons why merchant princes founded their own mercenary armies. Some of the merchant princes gained another source of income in selling out their own mercenaries to fight for other cities. This merchant warlords are know as Mercenary Kings, one of whom was Fernando da Ravola. Da Ravola was soon to be da Grazia ally in business and family. Allience like this would surely change the balance of powers in entire country and bring big changes to the region.
'Si padre.' Prospero replied and left.

Narrow streets of Remas are always full of traders, craftsman's and mercenaries but biggest group of citizens within city walls surely are poor people like beggers and thieves, last one's are also one least seen. Many low expierience thieves disguises themselfs as beggars to work as pickpockets, most of them are kids. More mature robbers, one step higher in thief hierarchy are teenagers and young adults specialized in armed robbery. They work in groups, armed in knives, sticks and knuckle-dusters they wait for their prays in small dark allays which Remas is full. Their strategy looks similar to wolf pack, locate, attack, feast and run away before danger, city guard, arrives. The elite group of thief's are burglars, specially respected for their skills, burglars work by themselves, rarely gathering in groups. All burglars need permissions to, as they call it, sweep the house. Permissions are given by local crime lord who rules on of the city districts. If one would decide to sweep some merchant house without giving right share to district lord, he could find himself at the bottom of harbor. Above all of these are mentioned crime lords, leaders of the thieves guilds. No one really knows how many of them live in city, but rumors says about a dozen, each one leading separate gang, or as they prefer to call themselves, guild. Each thief guild rules over different district in town, and there are even guilds who, instead of territory, specialize in thief arts, like lock picking, stealth or disguise. But most powerful are richest and by that, connected to city officials are ones who trade contraband, any kind of goods, weapon, alcohol or people, all products are desired in city of Remas. It happens that when one gang works on territory of other, they very often start wars which shaken the foundation of the city, numerous dead, fires and killings in bright day disturb city life. This short term conflicts end as quickly as they start. In most cases with peace treaty signed at Thief's Council, also know as Brethren Court but sometimes when both sides don't want to step back, wars end in bloodshed with use of muskets and blades of town council.
Prospero passed by the temple of Solkan, this ancient building goes back to time of great Reman Empire when Solkan, main god of justice, was very often worshiped by emperors as first god of the empire. Temple was build in the same architectural style as it twin in Spartii. Build on a plane of square with row of many high columns around main building, each decorated with a motive of flame. Flames were important for Solkanites, so fire was always burning inside the building. High priests of Solkan were responsible for the fire, it was said, that as long they keep the fire, so long Solkan will protect the town. Followers of Solkan used flames as a decoration on their robes, engraved red flames on black robes are symbol that is both respected and feared in town. Solkan himself is presented as a cruel god of vengeance punishing those who resist gods of law. Most often portrayed as a tall, mighty man, whose face is reflected by rage, he is dressed in armor and wide hat, similar to one wore by witch hunters. In his hand he holds mighty artifact a flaming sword of vengeance, Flammendrung. This image of him is shown on his statue, fifteen feet tall, bronze monument located right outside the temple where Solkan looks down at the town folks with rage and raised blade, remembering them, that if they even ally with dark forces, his blade will taste their souls and flesh.
Prospero decided to choose path through back allays to avoid crowds while traveling with such important cargo and away from the pickpockets. Soon he was in one of the alleys, his servants behind him.
'Pass us the merchandise, messere.' Mysterious voice coming from the back suprised Prospero, at first he tought that one of the servants speaked to him, but the servants would not speak in such threatening tone.
Ardiente slowly turned around. He saw three robbers, two of them were muscles, both armed with wooden clubs, between them smaller robber who held small dagger. All three of them wore casual clothing, on top of which they had leather braces and leather vests. Right on their chests, they had symbols of blood red cross, so called Templars. This gang worked in temple district as one could suspect. Prospero didn't knew what their specialization was, as he knew most of the gangs, but there was a rumor that they were ready to fulfill any quest, from simple robbery to assassinations if their emplyee paid enough.
'I said give us your packages.' Middle man repeated. His voice was high and squaky, almost like a talking mice.
'Mi scusi signore. But I can't allow you to take it.' Prospero replied trying to calm armed men. 'But I'm willing to support your cause from my own pocket.' Saying that Prospero grabbed his coin purse.
'Looks like you don't have choice rich boy. There is three of us, and your servants don't have weapons.' Mice voice replied.
'My lord.' One of the servants interrupted. 'I will fight. I'm ready to use my bare hands in this one.'
Other servant came closer.
'Me as well.' He added.
'That won't be necessary.' Prospero reached for his elven blade. 'I will take care of this myself. You protect the crates.' Servants nod and Prospero took few steps forwards increasing his distance from merchandise and coming closer to greedy robbers.
'I see you like to play rough. Fine!' Bandit leader shouted to Prospero, than he turned to his sidekicks. 'What you wait for you fools. Get him!'
'Let's play!' Prospero replied and threw his coin purse in one of the thugs. Gold hitted him right in the face and gave Ardiente advantage of few seconds.
Other thug swung his club from above. Prospero couldn’t parry this with his blade, such blow could break the sword, even though it suppose to be hard like nothing in the world Prospero didn't wanted to risk so he took small step back and club landed right in front of his toes, missing them by inches. Seeing that attacker arm was down Prospero hit his opponent in the face with handle of the blade. Ardiente hit stronger than he expected but even this was not enough to make giant fall. First he heard breaking noise, second later he saw red trickle coming from enemy nose which growed twice the size, now looking like red potato, trickle turned into floating stream of blood than thug get really mad. Other robber saw that his companion may have a problem with the boy and rushed to fight.
Now Prospero had no illusions, he had to use sharp side of his weapon to win.
First, he finished already injured enemy, simply, by kicking him in the testicles and uppercut punch. This combo made giant thug go to sleep and Ardiente had just enough time to duck from oncoming attack. Second thug was right next to him weaving furiously with his club, Prospro risked and parried one of the blows, surprisingly sword took it very well, so Ardient pushed his enemy with all his strength, and cut two times. Unfortunately for robber, maces are great stunt weapons but they give poor chance to parry attacks. Elven blade went through enemy armor but wound wasn't too deep to kill, yet it was enough to eliminate this target from further fight.
'Looks like I have to do this myself.' Small bandit came closer.
'You can still save yourself.' Prospero replied.
'I can't. I'm already paid for this job.'
Robber attacked first. He was fast, too fast. His dagger easily penetrated Prospero block. Ardiente felt great pain in his forearm. He looked down for a second, wound was long for some four inches and deep for about a quarter. Before Prospero was able to react enemy struck again, this time putting blade in boy stomach.
Prospero fell down. Even greater pain was coming from the this wound.
'Let me see you bleed.' Robber said in his squicky voice smiling.
Mugger leaned down over his victim. Suddenly. Prospero saw a big blade in front of his face. It was dripping in blood, but not his blood. Sword was coming through robber chest. Blade disappeared as soon as it appeared, leaving hole in thug chest. Blood came from mugger lips and with shocked face he fell on the street right next to wounded Prospero.
'Patch him up.' Unknown voice ordered from the distance. Voice sounded low and distincitve.
'Sir, yes sir!' Other replied.
Right before loosing his consciousness Prospero saw group of six or seven man, each one wearing coats in royal blue and red stripes, city militia, among them was someone else, this man was wearing full plate armor with yellow and red cape on his back and feather on his helmet.
One of the soldiers turned to armored man and said.
'Wound is deep but he was lucky and blade missed aorta sir. He may live if he sees doctore soon'
'We take him with us.' Knight replied looking at Prospero from up close. Prospero eyes closed, he lost himself in the world of dreams and could barely see face of the knight that saved his back.

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Baird on 20-06-2013, 21:36
Before noon they arrived to their destination. Palace was biggest structure in town and belonged to Garazzi for centuries, with seven towers, two walls, one outer and two inner each of them thick for three paces it could stand even the attack of the artillery. In the center of castle was located big garden with orange, apple and pear trees that could feed small army there was also well that was using an underground river so castle and his defenders could easily hold for long weeks in case of siege, which already happened in long history of this structure.
One of Garazzi guards opened gate and let them in. Guards went with Prospero to medico, one of the few medics serving at castle.
Medic quaters was actually three rooms in the southern wing of the palace. First and biggest room was Hall of Injuries, where wounded soldiers and sick servants of Garazzi family were given help and treatment. Hall of Injuries was big room, with high ceiling and loads of space between the wall, next to the left wall was row of simple, small windows, each of them lighting bed on the other wall. Between fourth and fifth bed in the hall there were single doors, long corridor behind them lead to Study Room. Study Room was actually library, but specializing in medical books, lists of herbs, instructions for surgery and other useful books like Von Raschel Guide to Diseases could be found there. At the end of Hall of Injuries was double door to Surgery Room, where medics and barber-surgeons treated their patients in more direct way, mostly ending in patient death, but it was common case in hospitals in whole Old World.
Militia-man put Prospero on one of the beds pointed by now serving medic, and as soon as soldiers moved away, old doctore begun his work.
'Make sure he is alright.' Man in plate said to medic. 'He is son of merchant.'
'Si Signore, Burvaldo.' Medic replied.
Knight left the hall, leaving doctor alone with the boy, Burvaldo knew he can trust in doctor Valeriozo, he helped many of his man and was know as good madic, not some bloodthirsty maniac.

Two days later, Prospero woke up at Hall of Injuries. He felt alright, surprisingly well.
'Ah, I see you're already awake.' Old medician came through the doors and said to him.
'Who are you?' Prospero wasn't sure if he could trust this man.
'My name is Vincenzo Valeriozo, I'm a medico for Lorenzo Garazzi.' Doctor was dressed in long black robe and white mask with long beak.
'Where am I?' Prospero asked unsure.
'Right now you are at the hospital wing of my lord palace, hall if injuries.' Doctor replied and came closer to little table. Prospero could see some bottles standing on that table. Doctor begun some preparations.
'How did I get here? Last thing I remember was this...' Prospero grabed his head, he felt great pain in his forhead, and arm as soon as he lift it. 'My head, and my arm are killing me.'
'Stay calm, your stiches are still fresh, it would be better if you would stay in bed for a while.'
'I can't. I had to bring something to the palace. Where is my shipment?'
'Don't bother yourself with it now, if I am correct, it was taken to Tessuto in the same time when you was brought here, and if I know Fabrizio, he already cut most of it in last two days.
'How long I was sleeping? Two days?'
'Yes, but you was lucky it wasn't deep wound, little bit to the left and I would not be able to do more than just call priest of Morr.'
'Grazie signore Valeriozo for your custom, but I have to finish my buissnes here with your patron, so can I leave bed now?'
'Bene. Just let me check on your stiches.' Medic removed old bandages, thin black strings were holing together two, now slighly more red then usual sides of Prospero arm and stomach.
'Seems to be healing well.' Medic sniffed both wounds. 'Smells also correct. You will live.' Vincenzo said with smile and began wrapping boy in fresh bandages.
When doctor finished, he passed Prospero glass of liquid in color of fresh lemones, slighly green drink.
'Drink it, it will heal you faster.' Prospero took a good, big sip. Drink had sweet taste but also slightly sour.
'What is it.' He asked when finished the glass.
'Just a mix of herbs and weeds with limones, great to heal small wounds.' Medic replied and took glass from Prospero. 'I will give you a bottle of it, I advice you drink one small glass in the morning and one before you go to sleep, it will also release you from pain you will feel in next days.'
Prospero tried to stand up, pain he felt before wasn't so bad now, just little bit annoying. Ardiente reached for his clothes, which in his sleep were washed and carefully put on the chair next to bed. When he lifted his shirt he saw that this wasn't the same clothes he was wearing when attacked.
'Where are my old clothes?' He asked medic before he left.'
'Miss Florenze ordered to throw them away as they were blooded and brought you this, she was coming to see you when you was asleep since she heard that you are here.' Doctor replied and went to hall of studies.
Prospero dressed himself and soon after, when he was ready, he left the hall too.

Prospero was walking around palace of Garazzi family, when he came across two man wearing black coats. One of the robed mans was strong build, second one was small, lower even than Prospero father. Young Ardiente stopped for a minute. This two had not seen him yet as they were busy talking with each others.
'Soon whole Tilea will be united again brother, but this time on other rules, our rules.'
'Only if Lorenzo does what brotherhood told him to do.'
'What kind of fool would not? Giving his daughter in exchange for secure land and peace. Of course she is going to marry Ravola.
'And what if she dosn't say yes? Brotherhood always had problem with overseeing human factor in their plans.'
'Do you dare to question their ways brother?'
'Of course not, brother. I'm just saying, that we should prepare some back up plan.'
'Let head master worry about it. We have our part to do.'
'You are right. Our master is smart and voice of the Enlighted One is strong in him.'
Suddenly hooded mans stopped, they seemed to spot Prospero walking at the balcony above them. One of them looked at boy and blessed his friend with symbol of Sigmar cross.
'May the blessing of Sigmar be upon you. Brother.' When black monk finished the blessing, Prospero saw ring on his finger, white and black skull. Monks walked their own way and soon Prospero went his.
Prospero tried to understand what this so called monks were talking about, but only part he understood, was fact that Florenze is getting married soon.

When wandering hallways, Prospero didn't knew to who he should talk about the silk he brought, could he could return home, was his client satisfied? So many questions needed answers. Finally he decided to ask one of the maids about tailor quaters, as merchendise was in his hands now.
Young servant lead Prospero to tailor quater. Boy was checking her carefully, she was good looking, black haired girl.
Garazzi personal tailor, Fabrizio Tessuto, was one of the best tailors in whole Remas, or even in entire Tilea. When Prospero entered the room, he saw how Fabrizio was measuring young lady. Ardiente flushed immediately because girl was wearing only her underskirt. Prospero knew her from seeing, but never spoken with her, except few greetings in the chapal and parties where he was with his parent and she was with her family and few dozens of bodyguards, so boy never had a chance to talk with her in more direct way. Florenze Garazzi, because that was her name, was beautiful young woman with heart shaped face, round hips and long, gently fadind blood red hairs that looked like a sea or fire at back of her head. Florenze partial nudity wasn't a reason why he blushed, as he had seen much more naked girls in the past, reason why Ardiente got red was much more complicated, he had long time crush on her since he was fourteen.
Prospero remembred their first meeting, it was at Florenze birthday party, three years ago. Lorenzo Garazzi was funding this parties since Florenze was five years old, but members of Ardiente family gained invitation just few years back when Remus made good deal, and Lorenzo heard about him, from that time, merchant keep close eye on Ardiente family members. Prospero wasn't sure if Florenze knew about his feelings, nor if she felt anything to him apart from standard courtesy.
'What means this interruption?!' Fabrizio asked the maid very annoyed, not paying
attention to Prospero who was standing behind her.
'I'm sorry master Tessuto but this young gentleman says he have some bussiness with silk that came two days ago.'
'What with it? Can't he see that Fabrizio is very busy because he was very late. How unrespectful of you to let Fabrizio wait for paint for his masterpice.' Fabrizio measured Florenze again, still talking to maid. 'Tell him that Fabrizio is pleased with this new fabric, much better than last one but only fool gives Fabrizio week for work, Fabrizio would not pay you anything if you would work for him.'
Prospero noted green scraps of all many fabrics. This must have been some previous dresses. He though.
'You should be grateful that you even have them. Our captain had to fight with pirates on his way here!' Prospero immediately replied angrily, he didn't liked Fabrizio lack of respect for his and Al-Musaf work.
'How dare you speak to Fabrizio like that, you...' Tailor was looking for right word. '...You venditore!'
This was big insult for Prospero because his family wasn't just some tradesman’s, Ardiente had whole flotilla of trading ships, over dozen warehouses and not small fortune, despite the fact that Ardiente's were not Tilean house. Prospero grand grand father escaped from Estalia in time of civil war and came to Remas. From that time many had changed, but to call member of Ardiente family a vendor, was like calling great elven dragons, lizards, big mistake, especially since Remus had trading connections with people all over Old World, Araby and even elves of Ulthuan, and one day this business empire would belong to Prospero. That was one of the reasons why boy had already took care of some smaller trades.
'I'm glad for your help with my dress signore Prospero.' So far quiet Florenze now interrupted little dispute. 'And that's terrible thing to hear that pirates dared to attack ships with Remas bandiera, I hope your ship is intact.' Florenze smiled to young merchant.
'Ship didn't had Remas flag on it, it was...' Prospero looked for right words, so Florenze would understand that not all captains serving in his father fleet were Remans, most of them would rather proudly call themselves pirates. 'It was freelance captian.' He finished. 'Ship will have to stay in docks for at least a week. But dark elves don't care who they attack, if that ship would be using Remas bandiera they would not give up so easilly.
'In that case I hope to meet your brave captain at Great Ball, I'm sure you will not disappoint me and bring him with you, Prospero.'
'Mi dispiace, but I can't fulfill this promise. I wasn't invited to your ceremony this year.'
'That's inexcusable, as soon as I finish here I will do something about it!' Florenze replied calmly, like true lady and smiled again.'
'Thank you my lady.' Prospero replied, for a short moment he and Florenze were looking each other straight in the eyes, but than Fabrizio interrupted them. 'We finished for today.'
'Very well then, would you like to accompany me to my father study room, I want to explain this oversight.' Florenze asked Prospero.
'It will be my pleasure.' He replied. Prospero stood there for a moment watching Florenze walking down from the small ladder than she walked behind a thick blue curtain to change clothes.
Florenze continued speaking to Prospero while she dressed.
'Signore Prospero, I've heard that you was injured while delivering this silk, are you fine now.'
'Si Florenze. If I can call you that.'
'Of course you can.' She replied.
'Than you call me just Prospero, Florenze.' He said with little smile.
'Alright, Prospero, so how are your wound now.'
'Much better, thank you for your concern, your medic made a really good job.'
'Yes, my father alwasys hires best man money can buy.'
'I've heard about it.' Prospero paused for a moment. 'Florenze do you know about this strange monks in black robes walking aroung your home?'
'Father said that they are ambassadors of his powerful partner in the Empire, but I don't ask my father about bussiness.'
'I understand. Sometimes woman just shoudn't ask about their fathers or husbands bussiness.'
'I can assure you Prospero, some woman can do better bussiness than man do.'
'Maybe you are right Florenze, I hope your husband will allow you to help him in his matters.'
'I would like that too.' Florenze left the curtain, now dressed in red dress, her hair still waving freelly, she came to Prospero and stood back to him. 'Can you do me?' She asked grabbing her hair and revealing zipper on her back.
'With pleasure.' Prospero replied and zipped her slowly, carefully watching to not scratch her skin. He could see gooseskin on her neck and arms as his hand moved up, Florenze was shaking a little bit. When he finished she looked at him with blush on her cheeks.
'We can go now.' She said and they left tailor quater.
Prospero and Florenze were walking through garden inside castle named Garden of Myrmidia, It didn't took long for them to reach study room, they talked all the time, it seemed like none of them wants to finish their converstion, as they had no idea when they will talk again. Finally when they reached thier destination, Florenze asked Prospero to wait outside while she walked into her fathr study. Despite the fact that doors to library were made of thick oak wood, Prospero still could hear muted quarrels, most of it was Florenze cry. Finally young lady left her father study and turned to aiting Prospero.
'All set, you and your family is very welcome to my party, please take this invitation.' Girl passed him the scroll.
'I'm honored my lady.' Prospero reached for it.
'But promise you will bring this brave captain with you.' She holded invitations tight till he not promised.
'I give you my word.' Prospero replied with smile and took scroll from Florenze.
After Florenze, room left her father. Tall gentleman with a shaved face and medium length, brown hairs, he wore long blue robe embroidered with gold thread and hat in the same patterns. On his chest swing three gold necklaces and his fingers were decorated with expensive gold rings stunned with expensive stones, one of the rings had skull curved on it. Prospero recognized it, as the same piece of jewellary mysterious monks were wearing.
Lorenzo Garazzi was not only general of the biggest fleet in Tilea and most powerful Merchant Prince in region but also, leader of city council and chosen triumvirate. Triumvirates were three members of the council of fifty, which is form of senate in Remas, but it members are from merchant, not noble families. Lorenzo and other two triumvirates have deciding voices in city politics, both in and outside Remas, for next year till new ones are chosen. It happend very often, that when war liking prince became triumvirate, Remas would go to war with other town, while, when in the years of peace and art loving triumvirates, city would restore old buildings and order best artist to build something new. Lorenze was chosen triumvirate for a fifth year in a row, rare succes that havn't happend in council history before, and as such, he was swore protector of the city.
'And you must be young Ardiente.' Lorenzo begun, his voice was very low. 'I heard so much about you.'
'I hope that you heard only good things messere.' Prospero replied with smile.
Lorenzo put his hand on Prospero healthy arm. '
'I've heard about your adventure while you was coming here, I hope you are feeling better now.'
'Si signore, I do. I'm glad i was able to help you and Florenze, don't worry about my wounds.'
'Good to hear it Prospero, we may do more bussiness in the future, you are clever boy. Thank your father for his help, messere Tessuo would kill himself if you would not help us.'
'I will signore.' Prospero replied with smile and bowed to man.
'Florenze would you be so nice and accompany our guest to main gate now I have more important tasks to do, there are reports about corsairs I need to see, but you have no reason to be afraid.'
Lorenzo kissed his daughter in the forehead and shaked Prospero hand. Ardiente could now clearly see that Lorenzo was wearing ring with skull, divided into two, one side white, other black. Lorenzo left young couple and he dissapeared behind the corner soon after, echo of his shoes still was heard.
'I guess I should go now.' Prospero began. 'But I really hate to say goodbye.'
'We don't have to take leave now, I have to visit jeweler soon.' Florenze paused and gathered words. 'So if you would like to accompany me Prospero. For my safety of course. I would be grateful.'
'Of course.' Prospero replied. 'For safety, milady.' Prospero bowed, he was hoping for further conversation with Florenze.
'Please, just Florenze.'
Odpowiedź z Cytowaniem
Baird on 20-06-2013, 21:37
Prospero woke up in the middle of a night, he had terrifying nightmare. In his dream, he saw great fire thriving his house. Prospero was on one side of the burning doors locked inside the inferno while rest of his family was on the other side. Suddenly big wooden beam holding ceiling fell right on him, lucky he was able to jump in time. Next thing he remembered from the dream was that he was running on water in time of storm but big wave throwed him into the deep. He was drowning, losing his breath and than he woke up, all sweating and breathing heavily. Unable to fall asleep again, he decide to go to part of the house called piazza del casa. Small square used by Prospero, and house guards to train their skills in sword fight, archery and hand to hand combat. Piazza was open space at the back of the house. On one side, at eastern wall there was row of archery targets, on the opposite side stood three dummies for sword practice, in the middle, open space with sand arena which boundaries were marked by white chalk. Prospero grabbed one of the practice swords, he preferred blade over any other weapon, including very popular in Tilea, crossbow. For Prospero using range weapon, seemed like cheating, maybe because his father read him many stories about civalric knights, maybe becuse he already saw how damage dealt by crossbow looks at time of his anatomy studies, reasons were many. It was also on anatomy classes where Prospero read Leonardo notest about seven places in human body which damaged would cause instant death. Despite his knowledge, Prospero didn't wanted to use this methods, but if the situation would require it he would kill. He slashed, struck, chopped and hit the dummy, his blows were mighty. He was hitting with such force that dummies started to crack, his practice sword too, so he moved to the next one when he saw that few more hits would destroy them. Ardiente trained not only on dummies, when they couldn't be used anymore, he fought with ghosts from his head acting out fight against several enemies. He was training till dawn until sun greeted him with it light revealing him new day.

When Ibrahim Al-Musaf woke up he dressed himself in his best clothing, long golden robe with diamond pattern in green colors. Followers of Ormazd are forbidden to use motives of animals, plants and Ormazd himself in their art, and by that, most type of decorations in their culture is based on geometrical shapes. It was first time his employers invited him under their roof so he tried to make best impression. He wasn't complaining, he liked Ardiente family, householder Remus was good and generous man who hired Ibrahim when he was at the bottom. Now, after twenty years, humble sailor was captain of beautiful ship and holder of small fortune, yet he missed this thrill he had in his youth when he was simple pirate. Ibrahim spread small decorative carpet on the floor and kneeled on it.
'Ormazd, may your greatnest bless me in this day and allow flame of my life burn for your cause like it did days before. Ormazd is great.'
Al-Musaf touched floor with his forhead. He continued his pray for half an hour, when he finished, he rolled carpet he was using for praying and put it into a chest next to his bed, than captain put on his heavy leather boots with nailed sole and his captain hat. He decorated his fingers with rings. Ibrahim went to the kitchen, he liked generosity of his hosts, but eating breakfast with them would be exaggeration. That's why he decided to eat his first meal of the day with servants. But it was too early, everyone was still sleeping and empty hallways were filled with silence only sound of his heavy, hobnailed boots echoed in the house. Suddenly captain heard noises coming from the square at the back of the house, Al-Musaf headed in that direction. From behind a railing at first floor, made of white marble he saw young Prospero dressed only in his pants sweating and yelling while training below. Prospero took a swing and broke dummy neck, wooden head rolled on the stone in direction of stairs. 'Very good strike sabi.' Captain Al-Musaf clapped his hands while walking down the stairs. 'You have a brawl but do you have a heart?'
'I think I do.' Prospero replied. 'I never run away from my enemies.'
'This only means you have balls.' Ibrahim laughed. 'Heart is what makes you fight. Your family, your honor, your love. They give you heart to fight. Most of time, it's heart that gives you victory, not balls or arms.'
'Than I have it.' Prospero replied coming closer to Ibrahim.
'You are gifted with blade but pure strength is not enough, remember about dexterity, speed and most of all, peace of mind. You will not win any battle if you lose your mind. Best sword-masters never show their feelings, no matter if it's fear or anger. Here let me show you.'
Ibrahim took one of the training swords stocked in a barrel.
'First agility.' Captain took few fast strokes. Each one of them was almost perfectly dodged by Prospero. 'Very good. Yes I see that you have speed as well. Now let's try your skill.'
Ardiente attacked few times, each strike was parried by Ibrahim. Next roles have changed but Prospero wasn't able to parry all strikes and so Al-Musaf hit him in the arm. Pain wasn't great, but gave Ibrahim time and space for more sophisticated move. In the same time he turned around while crouching to end the strike behind boy and hit his left knee. Prospero fell on the ground as soon as he lost balance.
'Not bad, pretty good in fact. I can't teach you about inner peace. Strength, speed or aim can be learned, trained and practiced. But peace of mind is something that each warrior must perfect by himself, inside his heart.'
Ibrahim helped boy to stand up and took his sword next he put both of them back into the barrel.
Prospero grabbed white linen shirt from the bench located next to stairs and put it on his back. Both decided to visit kitchen because Prospero was thirsty after training.
'So.' Captain started. 'Is there something you would like to share?'
'Nothing to be honest, I just couldn't sleep, bad dream that's it.'
'Are you sure sabi?'
'Yes, don't worry about me.' Prospero took a big sip right from the clay jar full of wine. 'There is something I had to tell you but I forgot about it yesterday.'
'What is it?' Ibrahim asked eager.
'You have been invited to the Great Ball. As additional person to our family.'
Prospero and Captain headed now to boy quarters. Young Ardiente wanted to change clothes before breakfast. They both continued conversation on the way there.
'How I won myself such an honor.' Ibrahim continued confused. 'I'm glad for that, but im not sure if I can go there, it may not be seen well.'
'It's possible that I may have mentioned about your fight with a pirates when I went to one of our clients yesterday, and it happens that this client daughter organizes this ball.'
'Daughter you say.' Ibrahim smiled. 'Is she pretty?' While asking he made a suggestive gesture of woman beats.'
'Very pretty in fact.' Prospero replied laughing.
'Than I hope you take me to that party just to impress her, don't count on me doing any bussiness talk.' Ibrahim said seriously.
'You accept invitation?' Prospero asked unsure.
'I will come with you.' Ibrahim said smiling.
'Grazie.' Prospero replied.
They ended their talk and Prospero went into his room.
Odpowiedź z Cytowaniem
Baird on 20-06-2013, 21:38
Next few days were rather peaceful, furthermore all reports shoved that corsairs Garazzi mentioned had vanished. Captain Ibrahim also didn't worried about pirates, he knew that only powerful captain could unite fleet powerful enough to endanger the city, he mentioned this at one dinner. Remus respond wasn't so optimistic as he heard about dark elves raid on Remas in the past than druchii corsairs did much damage to town, it's fleet and people of the Republic. For Prospero this news was as important as fact, that in Kislev people ride on bears, useless. Since Florenze sent him a letter that she would like to meet with him all he was thinking about was her.
And there he was, walking in the sun, enjoying every moment of this afternoon with a box of dactyls in his left hand, counting minutes till he will see her. Letter said clearly, meet me at noon in temple or Verena. Prospero saw her from a distance, standing in the sun, beams of light and calm wind made her hairs look like a living fire. This time Florenze was wearing simple gray dress with no ornaments. She tried to blend into the crowd but Prospero saw her as soon as he arrived to Piazza del Verena.
'I brought you these.' Prospero announced giving box to Florenze.
'What are they?' She replied looking inside the box.
'Very rare dactyls.'
'Dactyls? I never heard of such fruit.' She said smiling.
'They are.' Prospero paused and thought for a moment. 'Kind of grapes, but grow on palm trees in Araby.' He continued. 'My friend who gave them to me said, that I could get for them small fortune or give them to a special girl. Since I don't have to worry about coins.' He smiled. 'I decided to give them to you.'
'Can I taste one?' She asked. Prospero nod.
Florenze took one dactyl and ate it, he could see that she liked them.
'Very good.' She said when she was done.
Together they walked in a direction of Ponte Amanti, bridge often visited by young lovers. By the rest of the afternoon Prospero and Florenze were trying to have great time.
At the end of the day they decided to climb on one of seven hills in Remas to watch the stars. Sky was cloudless and they could see many stars and both moons, Morrslieb and Mannslieb.
'You see this stars there?' Prospero asked while pointing at the sky. 'They are two bulls, my starsign.'
'And where is mine?' Florenze asked.
'What is your sign?'
'Gold Rooster' She replied.
Prospero looked at the sky for a moment searching for the right stars.
'There!' He said when he found it.
'I don't see it. Where?' Florenze asked.
Prospero wrapped his arm around her and moved her closer, than he pointed again, connecting stars with his finger.
'Look. Can you see it now?' He asked.
'Yes I can.' Florenze replied hugging into him.

Few hours after the dusk, he accompanied her home. When they arrived to their destination Prospero and Florenze stopped outside the gate.
'It was nice day.' He started.
'Indeed it was.' She replied smiling.
'I would like to see with you again soon.' Prospero said hoping for positive answer.
'There is one thing I havn't told you about this whole day.' Florenze looked at him, her eyes were almost crying. 'My father found me a fiance, they plan proposal to happen at Great Ball.'
'Are you going to agree?' Prospero wasn't suprised, he remembred what monks were plotting.
'I have no choice, it's Ludovigo Da Ravola, my father and his father are doing businesses together, and such marriage would tie the deal.'
'So he wants to sell you? How can you agree to that?' Ardiente asked.
'I'm not. That's why I decided to speak to you about what I fell. Hoping you would feel the same.' Florenze smiled to him.
'Of course I am.' Prospero replied grabbing her hand.
'If you really love me than escape with me, together we can be happy and start a new life. Somewhere far, without fancy castles and backstabbers.'
Prospero hesitated, he really loved Florenze, and their date strenghtened him in this feeling but there always is some price to pay when man deals with love. He couldn’t do this to his family, he was supposed to become head of his house one day, if he would steal Garazzi daughter his father would have no work in Remas, his family would be forced to leave their home, again. Prospero had really hard decission to made. Choose duty or love.
'We can't do this, this would shame your father, my father, our houses.' Prospero raised his voice, but quickly calmed, as he looked in Florenze eyes almost crying. 'I love you, I really do.' Saying this he put her hand on his heart.
For a moment they looked into their eyes again this time no one would disrupt them, they had all this moment just for themselves.
'I will find a way to save you. I promise.' He finally said.
Their faces came closer. Prospero closed his eyes, his hearing was muted. Than he felt light pressure on his lips. It was short kiss, but for him it felt like a whole eternity. His heart was beating faster, his legs were shaking, this was the best feeling of his life. Than it stopped.
'Arrivederci Prospero' Florenze said knocking at the door on the gate.
'Arrivederci Florenze' He replied.
Minute later one of the guardsman let her in and closed the doors behind her. Prospero was still looking at the gate for a moment than he headed home.
All the way home Ardiente was thinking about what just happend and how happy he was but he knew he had to find a solution to Florenze marriage if he didn't wanted to lose her for some mercenary.

Hooded man walked down the street, sun was coming down and orange beams of light were englighting streets from the direction of city harbour. Suddenly he stopped, he was at his destination, old ruined house. Place wasn't looking significent, atleast not more than any other houses on this street. Man knocked four times into heavy walnut doors. After a moment little slide window in the doors opened and pair or blue eyes lookes through it.
'What bussiness do you have?' Voice behind doors asked. 'I came looking for light in this dark times.' Hooded man replied and lifted his left hand, showing to the man behind the door his ring. Ring made of white gold had a skull ornament on it, skull was divide into two one side white other black, both shined in setting sun. 'May the father of enlightment be with you.' Doorman said and let hooded man inside.Brother Vinecius, as this was name hooded man was using in the brotherhood, went straight down to basement. While walking down the dark corridor, he could already hear that meeting had begun. Vinecius sliped through the doors, he didn't wanted to interrupt brother Lucius in the ritual but he was spotted despite his efforts.
Brother Lucius was head priest of the brotherhood and a fierce leader, none from the members of the brotherhood seen his face as he was always wearing black and white skull mask. Despite the fact that no brother knew who he was they respected him great as his words were words of the Englighted Father. Lucius followers were even ready to kill child in his name. True reason of such loyality wasn't respect or love to Lucius but drug he was serving to his brothers at each meeting. 'Vinecius my brother, you are as always late.' Lucius said from behind the altar.
Altar in the basemant was simple block of stone made of granite, behind it stood staue of black owl with white eyes. On both sides the owl hang two banners, left had white skull on black background on it, right one was opposite, black on white background. In front of each, staue and banners were three chairs. Chairs in front of the banners were taken by Lucius second in command, two of his most trusted brothers, middle sit was Lucius spot. 'Please brother take your place.' Lucius pointed at the bench in first row.
Vinecius went between two rows of wooden benches, ones on his right were painted black, left ones on white. Vinecius steps loudly echoed in the silance of the room as his feets walked on black and white tiles in chessboard pattern. Vinecius sat on pointed spot.
Lucius turned to his followers. 'As I was saying before brother Vinecius came, our mission in this town is nearly complete, both Ravola and Garazzi accepted our terms and are willing to do as we ordered. Sisterhood in Miragliano also sent me letter cormifirming that head sister will join our plan and we have their full support and acces to their informations. This is truly good time as our ambassador in Luccini made a profitable aggrement with their brotherhood. Father of Enlightment is on our side and nothing, absolutely nothing can't stop us now. We will destroy this land, purge it from unworthy to see father light and create new world, new order for future generations. All hail the father.'
Lucius turned to shrine of the owl and said prayer to enlighted father in language none of brothers knew. For Vinecius it sounded a little bit like old Reman, language used in famous Reman Empire. Lucius kissed owl feets and left room through single doors on left, his deputies left cell through right doors. When all priests left room, brother sitting on the edge of first bench stood up and came to statue, he kissed it feets and left room too, he went to main exit. After him stood up brother sitting on edge of the bench is other section, he did like man before him. Next to statue came another brother, one who was sitting next to first brother. Finally it came to Vinecius, he also came to staue, he kissed it's feets and felt light pain in his head. Lucius said it was Father checking if brother is worth to take place as a leader of brotherhood, when one would become chosen father would send a vision upon him and he would from now on wear the mask. Vinecius get no vision, like always, all he get was pain but he was ready to stand it, this pain was a price he had to pay to father for his succes, for power he will gain. Vinecius left room through main door and went his way.

Koniec Rozdziału I
Odpowiedź z Cytowaniem
Aschaar on 26-06-2013, 16:19
Now one question. Why did you write "Koniec Rozdziału I" under the story entirely in English? Properly written in English, but on the forum where Polish is spoken?

An oversight?
Just rudeness?

I _really_ don't want to check my guesses.
Odpowiedź z Cytowaniem
Campo Viejo on 26-06-2013, 17:40
This isn't plagiarism. I guees he is more creative in English rather than in Polish. :P Btw nice piece, first part anyway; I haven't read the rest yet.

I pisz po ojczystemu, bo to polskie forum i Cię wtedy ludzie przeczytają z większym zrozumieniem. Masz trochę literówek i źle użytych czasów o ile dobrze pamiętam.

Ostatnio edytowane przez Campo Viejo : 27-06-2013 o 05:10. Powód: literówki
Odpowiedź z Cytowaniem
Baird on 26-06-2013, 19:10
umiescilem to tu, jako ze jest to jedno z ostatnich forum warhammera jakie odiwedzam a opowiadanie wiaze sie luzno z tym ze swiatem

Opowiadanie jest po angielsku gdyz sa ku temu trzy powody,
- moje miejsce zamieszkania
- fakt ze w angielskim pisze sie latwiej
- wiekszy rynek zbytu, publicznosc

czwarty i nieoficjalny powod jest taki ze wiekszosc polakow miedzy 15 a 25 rokiem zycia i tak mowi lub chociaz czyta po angielsku. Zwlaszcza tych co korzystaja z anglojezycznych podrecznikow do swoich systemow fantasy (ja tam wole czytac oryginaly)

mam jeszcze male problemy z ortografia ale staram sie je wyeliminowac :P niedlugo po korekcji bledow, umieszcze chapter 2 rowniz po angielsku, z reszta tak jak i 3 :P

Aschaar understood above post or should i translate?
Odpowiedź z Cytowaniem
Aschaar on 27-06-2013, 08:49
Översätt den. Lätt jag bryr mig inte dina skäl - detta forum är det polska språket och registrering i nyheterna har accepterat reglerna, som i tredje stycket anger: "Rozmawiamy w języku polskim"
Jag mest bekväm med att prata på svenska, just för nu är jag i landet. Så vad? Detta berättigar mig till något?

Baird tänkte, det gör inte ont. Nonsens att säga att de flesta talar engelska. Har du sett kursplanen i polska skolor? De kommer att lära dig vad de flesta frågor om hur meningslösa och tjugo gånger, och inte använder språket som ett verktyg för kommunikation och förståelse ...

//powyższy post sponsorowała moja wrodzona wredność.

By the way:
Aschaar, you understand the post above, or should I translate?
Think in english, not simply translate into it...

Odpowiedź z Cytowaniem
Campo Viejo on 27-06-2013, 11:38
Racja. I w regu nawet stoi aby "po polsku". Btw, wstaw jeszcze "do" po Aschaar i "it" na koniec a bedzie "kinda okay".
Odpowiedź z Cytowaniem
Aschaar on 27-06-2013, 11:50
Campo - fakt. Niestety jestem hamerykaniec hangielski... i coś pozjadałem
Niestety angielski coraz częściej jest językiem kaleczonym niemiłosiernie przez wszystkich "doskonale wykształconych". To zaczyna być język śmietnik. Uproszczona do granic możliwości (i daleko poza granice logiki) wielojęzykowa i wieloformowa zbitka słów służąca przekazaniu informacji typu: Te looknij przez window czy stoi cara on the corner? Czy innych "cu", "4u", czy TMSS.

No, ale jeżeli walczymy po angielsku to czy tekst należy rozpatrywać w kontekście brytyjski angielski czy amerykański angielski?
Odpowiedź z Cytowaniem

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